Journal Journey: The Everyday Book by Galen Leather

Hello my lovelies,

I am excited, my holiday is so near. 😀 Will we go on vacation to a different place? Not really. I think that we will do some daily tours to a few places in the region. Maybe one of the days we‘ll go to a lake for a walk with our little pug girl.

Today we take the road straight to our next address: The Everyday Book by Galen Leather. As you know, I can highly recommend their products so far. So the question for now is whether it will be the same here 😉 Let’s have a look.

The notebook has the seize of 210 x 110 mm and it weighs 93 grams. The price is 24 Euros for a set of three notebooks. The cover is made of very thick paper and the front is printed in an old school way. The letters of The Everyday Book are golden while the other words and drawings are black. It feels soft and it is flexible, the colour is something like dark yellow (ochre). At the moment I can’t really name the colour correctly; actually it looks like my coffee :-D. There are 128 pages in white and it is TomoeRiver paper with 52 gms. The notebook is hand bound and the stitching is really beautiful.

When you open the notebook you can start your journaling right away. There isn’t any index and the pages aren’t numbered. The paper is really soft and thin. I love to write with fountain pens and the pen slides over the paper so smoothly. If you like to use brush pens, stamps or alcohol based markers then you should be aware that ghosting and bleeding could happen.

The notebook hasn’t any bookmark or elastic band, therefore it has something really unique: You get two sheets of paper, one is with lines and the other is with squares. They are put unter the page you want to write on and due to the thin paper, the lines/squares shine through well enough so that you can write straight. Additionally, it also has a leather sheet which you can use as a writing pad during your journaling.

The notebook has the perfect seize for your travelers Company cover. Actually I use the Everyday notebook as an insert with one of my Travelers Company notebooks and I love it.

Wisdom of the day: If you don’t mind trying a thinner paper, then give this one a try.

Love to you all and stay safe,


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