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Hello my lovelies 🙂

do/did you enjoy your weekend? In Germany it is Sunday and the weather is stupidly hot and mostly very humid. At the moment, I am enjoying a light breeze while I am writing. I am not a fan of summer although my birthday is in summer. I love autumn and winter more and because of that I am looking forward for those seasons. 😉

Well, today I write about this cute little Etsy shop. As you know, I like to support little businesses and so I will do that again. This time it is a very special review for me because the owner, Clare, is a very dear friend of mine. She is a great soul! She is always supportive and motivative for me. #alwaysaplaceinmyheart

Ok, what can you shop there? If you like cute paper or washi, then you will find some little treasures. If your interests are kawaii style, then you will find some lovely stationery too 😉 Here are some examples: In Clare‘s shop you will find brands like Rilakkuma, Sumikko Gurashi or Simply Gilded washi tape. You can get eight sheets of paper plus four envelopes for 5,06 Euros (since I buy in Euros, I can only state this but US Dollars are not that much different). That would be a letter set sampler, so it is not random. Or if you would like to have different memo sheet samples then you can buy that as well. For 50 memo sheets you just pay 7,59 Euros. The Simpy Gilded washi tape is a set of samples which have a length of 60 cm (which is approximately 2 ft) each. The set can have 5 up to 10 washi samplers and so the price changes accordingly.

The shop has existed since 2020, so it is very young. The products change and so you should not wait for too long if you would like to order paper sheets or washi tape. 😉

Clare told me about her shop and I could not hold back and had to have a look at the products. I absolutely adore kawaii stationery. It is cute, it brings joy and it is fun. Unfortunately, here in Germany are just a few spots where you can buy these items and then the prices are extremly high, so because of that I order a lot online. I scrolled through the shop items and I decided to place an order. And I remember that it did not take long that Clare wrote to me that she was surprised by my order because we swap our stationery goodies on a friends basis.

Which kawaii stationery did I order?

  • letter set sample by SanX Sumikkogurashi „ocean theme“
  • Washi tape samples by Sumikkogurashi, Rilakkuma, Jinbesan, Melody and Little Twin Star
  • memo samples 16 sheets by Rilakkuma “ honey forest theme“
  • memo samples 16 sheets by Sumikkogurashi „travel theme“

Everything is packed in little clear bags and has its own labels. Even some freebies are included as well and I got a little personel note too. 🙂 The envelope is beautifully decorated. The products look exactly like in the pictures on Etsy which is really important for me. I love these cute little sheets and the washi tape is adorable.

Please be aware that because of COVID-19 the postal services need more time than usual, so please be patient. I waited three months but it was worth it.

Since we are friends and we swap our stationery, I like checking Clare‘s shop quite often just to see whether there is something which I would like to have and I pay for it. Because business is business and friendship is friendship.

Clare always sends me some lines of the bible and I would like to share this one with you because this one matches so perfectly.

It will be my wisdom of the day for you: „Let us think of ways to motivate on another to acts of love and good works.“ (Hebrews 10:24)

Love to you all and stay safe,


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  1. Thank you so much, Chrissi, for the beautiful review! And thank you so much for being patient with the postal delays! I think it is starting to improve now since they started using air mail again. I am glad you like your goodies and your freebies! You deserve all the good things! Bless your heart ^_^ #alwaysaplaceinmyhearttoo

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