Journal Journey: Citrus Book Bindery

Hello lovelies, 🙂

sometimes I am really surprised how many different notebooks I own and use. 😀

So, today we will have a look at my Citrus Book Bindery notebook. I think that I bought this notebook one or two years ago. I found it by chance and I was blown away by the beautiful covers.

Before we have a look at the notebook you should know that you can create your very own notebook there. You choose between nearly everything you can have in a notebook. The selection out of notebooks is huge and I needed a couple of days to decide which notebook I would like to have. If you like you can have an open spine or not, even that is your choice. The Citrus Book Bindery distinguishes their notebook into open spine, bullet journals, travelers notebooks, and refill & inserts. It is a huge selection. If you fall in love with one piece, the next big choices are waiting for you. You select:

  • the seize (there are eight different seizes)
  • the paper (standard or coloured paper, the weight/thickness, page count and pattern)
  • preferences (bookmarks, page numbers, index and rounded corner pages)
  • extra options (decorative stitching, back cover pockt, corner protectors, pen loop, waterproof drawstring bag)

That were tough decisions to make 😀 I fell in love with the variety of the covers, the only thing that I was sure of was that I would like to have an open spine because they are so beautiful.

So I ordered the following: a Nebula open spine book in B6. It is a lay-flat journal and it weighs 390 grams. The paper is quite thick, 140 gms. The notebook has 192 pages with dots. The corner of the front and the back are protected with silver-tone corner protectors. The pages are numbered and there is an index as well. There are 3 bookmarks in different colours which are matching with the cover. The journal has two elastic bands to hold everything together. My nickname is on the front cover in brush lettering style in silver glitter.

The price was 51,56 Euros for the journal and with shipping and tax the costs were 75,24 Euros. Well, to be honest it is really expensive. I had thought more than twice about the order before I said „Yes“ to the notebook. But one of the main reasons why I ordered it was because it is handmade. The company is run by a couple and on the website you have pictures of them. They needed just a few lines to make me understand why they do it and how much they love it. So my doubts were washed away and that made the price reasonable.

Now we are going to have a closer look at the notebook. The front and back covers are beautiful. It is a hard cover and the corner protectors are placed well so that you cannot hurt yourself. The spine matches the colours of the cover perfectly. When you open the notebook you will have a dotted page for decorations. After that two pages as index are there, like I had ordered it. Then you can start journaling, drawing or whatever you would like to do with it. 🙂 The paper surface is soft and with a pen you can write really well on it. At the moment I am writing with just one pen in it and I haven’t got any bleeding or ghosting problemes so far. But if you know in advance what you want to do in the journal you can buy a thicker paper. It is so lovely to see how the bookmarks fit with the cover.

This Nebula journal is quite special for me and I am not using it on a daily base. It is for ideas/projects which I could do in future.

Wisdom of the day: Handmade has its price, but it captivates by its quality and beauty.

Love to you all and stay safe,


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