In a bad relationship with my journals

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

I hope you all are safe and sound. Are you enjoying your Sunday?

A few weeks ago I wasn‘ t in the mood to bring my journals up to date. It was too much. I discovered that I hadn’t touched my Bullet Journal for weeks. My Hobonichi Weeks Mega was quite filled. My ‚Some lines a day‘ wasn’t touched for two weeks or so as well. And I don’t want to mention my project planners. My hubby and I debatted about this journal relationships and I said: „I don’t want to have to fill all these journals. I have enough. It’s not fun at all anymore. It does feel like an obligation instead.“ To be honest I was quite shocked. It is my fourth year and I don’t have a style let alone an own style. I don’t and won’t put a label on my style or whatever I should call it.

On Instagram and Youtube you find so many talented people who have a certain style (minimalistic, artistic, kawaii, junk journaling etc.) and I love them all. I love the variety; that journaling can bring out the best of us all. It is an amanzing hobby. You can use all the materials you like; you can start simple and try out new things on the way. However, nothing seems to work for me at the moment. There are people out there who create a whole perfect world in their journal or planner. It is amanzing, don’t get me wrong, but have you ever seen some of them messed up? Have you ever seen a messy, wonky journal? Because every page is planned and they work really hard to create for us/ inspire us. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me. I don’t feel inspired.

In my head is a huge wall, so I see the inspirational spreads. But in the end I can neither feel the inspiration nor derive anything for me. Because of all this chaos in my head, Mr Stationery-Nerd took all my journals and gave me just one. One single notebook. He called it „back to the roots“. He said that the best part of my journaling is that I’ve never had one particular style which I followed all the years. In my first journal my months didn’t have a theme, my weeklies didn’t have theme. It was one week to another week. I know there are so many journalista and planneraddicts who love having a theme for a whole year and they are very straight with it which is impressive. But that wouldn’t be me.

One of my friends would love to see my spreads and to be honest I am too scared to show them. My friends have their styles and they are amazing. I don’t even know how I can explain what I am doing.

At the moment I am not sure whether I can fix this relationship. Maybe I need a fresh start, maybe I need a completely new hobby. Maybe I will find my way back on track and I will do my things as usual. But for the moment I need a journaling break.

I will keep on writing my blog and show you my new shopping goodies. I will keep you informed about my break from journaling. 🙂 And I promiss that the next post will have photos inside again. 😉

Wisdom of the day: If you need a break, take break.

Love to you all,


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