Update: Bad relation with my journals

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

as you know my journals and I had a very hard time. I think that my experiment to use many journals this years wasn’t one of my greatest decisions. However, I learnt from it.

I thought about what should I do for quite some tome; how should I do my journaling. Well, I decided to go back to the roots. I tried so many different styles and I love them all. I won’t like to stay with one style. So I took my first journal and just flipped through it. There was so much creativity, chaos and improvisation. I would say I was braver than now and I want that back. 😀 So, I am back with my little chaotic journal.

For that I am not using my Nuuna as a journal any more. There are still 87 pages blank which is really strange because I can’t leave pages blank.

I took a standard travelers notebook which is blank and I started journaling like I had when I first tried the hobby. I had so much fun! It was great not to stay with one theme for a month. It was great to use bright, rich colours, lots of washi tape and have lots of wonky lines. It was so refreshing not to stick with a theme.

I am a really organized person. Everything has its place and if it isn’t there, I feel a little uncomfortable. 😀 But there is one place which is messy, wonky and chaotic: And that is my journal.

Because I bought the travelers company insert weekly and monthly, and I really want to use it, so I started to use them and I will compare it with my wonky journal. Maybe I like it; maybe I won’t, but if I wouldn’t try I never knew. 🙂

Wisdom of the day: Don’t be shy to go back to the roots, you might be surprised what you find there 😉

Love to you all,


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