Happie Scrappie Subscription Box

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

I hope your week started pleasant and that it will continue like that. If it hasn’t, the best is yet to come, you’ll see.

Well to be honest with you I was really struggling with this post because of COVID-19 and all the delays with shipping in and to most parts of the world. Due to that, it is quite hard to express my mixed feelings. But I will try.

At the beginning of the year I discovered the Happie Scrappie Subscription box. You got a box which is really cutely designed:

  • Sticker sheets (10 and more sheets at least with full boxes, labels, dates etc.)
  • Die Cut Stickers
  • a pen
  • a notebook
  • a little charm or a little metal clip
  • sticky notes
  • folder in A6 seize
  • washi cards

The price was 29,99 Euros including shipping. It was totally worth it. So I subscripted and I waited very patiently for my first box. I knew that during COVID-19 the postal services would be very slow. I waited for two months after I got my tracking details. After those two months, I contacted the customer service and they refunded me my first box. That was rather uncomplicated but I was still quite disappointed. Well, that is life and such things happens, right?

During that time the March box was announced and I was very excited again because I loved the „Sakura“ theme so much and waited patiently again. I received my tracking details again and nothing happened. The shipping of the March box had a delay. I could totally understand it.

Then came the next announcement that the April box will produced and would ship by the end of May. Well, it was shipped mid-June in my case.

May came and the huge announcement was that for May there wouldn’t be a box. The designer Sam explained her decision very well. There were too many troubles with the shipping, production and her health wasn’t quite the best. She needed a time out and it was totally fine. Mid/End of May Sam sent a newsletter that for June there wouldn’t be a subscription box as well. She still had the same problems. Yes, I felt with her and it must be horrible that so many customers were unhappy.

It was mid-June when my March box arrived and my April box arrived in mid-July. I was quite happy. The themes were really cute and well designed. During May and June she created cute stuff with watercolour or pencils. The next newsletter arrived, there would be a July box again. I was happy and thought that it would be better. But wait! She announced that this would be the last subscription box. Her staff cancelled all the subscriptions for the customers. Sam explaint it with all the trouble of the last months.

And there it was, my head was shaking. I rolled with my eyes and I couldn’t find the right words. My feelings were really mixed. On one side I could totally understand all the problems and troubles which caused all this mess. On the other side I was angry, frustrated. It didn’t give me a good feeling. In the Facebook group all the members sent lots of love and understanding to her and no one expressed critic or a negative feeling. It was a strange situation, I thought that I would be the only one with such thoughts. Well, maybe I am.

Now it is September and unfortunately my July box still hasn’t been shipped so far and actually I don’t know if and when it will happen. To be honest, if the subscription had not been cancelled, I would have cancelled it now. Unfortunately a not so happie ending for me.

Wisdom of day: It is ok to have mixed feelings about something even when your environment hasn’t the same feeling as you have.

Love to you all,


3 Comments on “Happie Scrappie Subscription Box

    • Yes it is a sad situation. In my opinion, simply gilded has lovely subscription box which I quite like. If you are interested I will publish my article about simply gilded very soon. 🙂


      • Just looked it up though it looks interesting, 18$ shipping fee is just too much for my budget 😅. I’m writing an article about stationery mystery boxes on aliexpress that I wanna try out. They are about 10€, shipping included. I can only afford these at the moment, too many sub boxes lately 😭

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