Review: Simply Gilded Subscription Box

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

I hope your week was way better than mine. Since the pandemic I am working from home but this week our internet provider had some huge problems and because of that I had to go to the office. It was quite a change. Oh boy, I got really used to the working from home. 😀 The provider couldn’t fix the problem in 24 hours and so it took nearly 3 days.

Then our door bell is broken. It was one of the postal delivery and unfortunately you can fix by changing the battery. So I tried to get someone of our property management on the phone but no.

There were a few other things which went wrong, but you know what, that’s life. I am happy that today is Sunday and tomorrow will start a fresh week and hopefully without troubles. 🙂

Because of that I thought I write about a subsription box which totally surprised me. Let’s us talk about the Simply Gilded Box. This box is a pricy one. I thought for a really long time about it, because the box costs 30 Dollars and for me as Europaen I have to have shipping which costs 18 Dollars. I saw a lot of people who were really excited about it but I thought that it could be might be a hype. My dear friend Clare posted one day the box and she was falling in love with it. She has a really taste, so I thought that I should give it a try.

At that time I saw this gorgeous Aloha box and I tried my best to get one. I got really soon a notification that my first box is on its way. Well that was fast. It was just a few days between the subscription and the mail. I got a tracking number with it, so I could checked where the box was. The shipping needed three weeks and I got the Aloha box. I was really blown away. Since that I got regularly my boxes.

The Aloha box includes:

  • a foiled journaling card
  • washi tapes
  • a sticker kit with seals
  • planning note pad
  • a stitched notebook in B6
  • a black gel ink pen
  • vegan leather padfolio
  • drawstring pouch
  • double sided pencil board
  • a mystery item

Here are some pictures. There is the Aloha box, the Lullaby box and the Painted Garden box:

The items are packed beautifully. The package gives you the right impression what colours will have items inside.

There are things which are in every box the same like the gel pen, a notebook, the sticker kit and the washi tapes. But the appearance is always different so that it matches the theme. The pouch can be missing and instead you can get a vegan leather cover for your journals which fits with the notebooks in B6.

The material of the pouch and the journal cover is really and the workmanship has a high quality. It feels great. I love products which a good quality and then I am willing to pay more for it.

The pen writes really smooth and I enjoy writing with it. The pen isn’t too heavy but it has a little bit of weight, so it lies good in the hand.

The washi tape has great quality like all the washi tapes I bought before. Simply Gilded has a high recognition with the bow washi tape. To be honest, I am not such a fan of bow washi but I am quite happy that in the box is a mix of different washi tapes. In the Aloha box were three bow washi and three other washis. That was ok. I was happy that in the next box were more other washi without the bow.

Well, I think that I will keep that subscription for a while.

Wisdom of the day: Surprises can bring you joy! 🙂

Love to you all,


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