Jiyucho Tokyo

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

do you sometimes check your older photo on your phone? I love to do this because it brings up good memories. Which happened in this case too.

Last year, my husband and I visited Tokyo again and he organized a little special appointment for me. I had the chance to create my own ink at Kakimori’s Ink Stand (I will talk about it in a different blog post.). On our way to their shop, we walked past another little shop and in the front window sat a young woman who was smiling. We thought she was just being friendly and curious because there might not be many Westerners walking through this street away from the main sights.

On our way back we walked past the shop again and the young woman smiled again and asked if we would like to come in. So we decided to accept her invitation and entered her shop. It was a small place with only a few tables and some chairs. There were some bookshelves and you could see a lot of wood work. The whole room was really cozy. The young woman explained to us (in lovely English with an even more lovely Japanese accent) what one does there. It was a simple and yet amazing concept. You write a letter to yourself. But you will receive the letter one year later.

So we decided to do this. I got a lovely green tea, paper and a pen. At first I wasn’t really sure what I would like to write. What would you write to yourself? Send some wishes? Give yourself some good advice?

Well, I actually can’t remember what I wrote. What I remember it though is that it is one of my favourite memories of this trip to Tokyo. I relaxed and I did what I always love doibg: write some lovely lines.

We weren’t alone there. I saw a young man who was sitting on his own at a table and he looked so very serious. I had the feeling that he laboured so much about the things he wanted to write. It was really interesting to see. It is faszinating how much feelings and thought one person can put into one letter. It touches my heart every time.

Memories are great and I think that I found my first goal for the rest of this year and the next year: Being grateful for all the lovely memories and talking more about them.

Wisdom of the day: Enjoy the good moments and keep them as great memories.

And in two months time, I will receive my letter – and then I’ll find out what I wrote.

Love to you all,


2 Comments on “Jiyucho Tokyo

  1. it’s always beautiful to remember how trips… and specially those that marked us as I realized it happens to you and your husband in Japan 🙂 stay safe and greetings from Portugal! PedroL

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