Shop review: Kiroku

Hello my lovelies, 🙂

today I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite stationery shops. In the area where I live you can’t find a lot stationery shops, which is why I order my goodies online most of the time. For this reason, discovering this shop was like finding a treasure chest full of stationery. 😀 Well, ok I have to pay for it, but still a treasure chest.

Last year I discovered a stationery haul on Instagram by pure coincidence. The young woman showed her order of Kiroku. So I went to the website and saw all this lovely stationery. And then I saw which I could hardly believe: it is a shop not just online, no a real shop too and just in the city next to the place I live. I got really excited. So my husband and I decided to go there for some shopping.

The moment when you enter the shop is great. You feel welcome. The shop is quite small; there is a small table and two chairs and the shelves aren’t packed. Everything is placed in a lovely way. You just take a few steps, climb short stairs to something like a platform and there are even more shelves with stationery.

Everything is bright and open. You don’t feel overwhelmed and it is really impressive how many goodies you can find in this small place.

You can shop there:

  • stickers
  • washi tapes
  • print on stickers
  • clear stamps
  • wooden stamps
  • notebooks
  • bag
  • products of TRAVELER’S COMPANY
  • cards/tags
  • and a lot of more stationery products

The owner, whom I met there, is such a nice and lovely woman. We chatted a little about the shop and the products. She is amazing and I am so glad that she opened up Kiroku which brings so much joy to enthusiasts like myself. You can see on her Instagram that it is really important to her to share love and kindness. She shows how important it is in our world to be kind and look after each other. That is very inspiring.

I don’t always go there for my shopping. Sometimes I order online because I am busy or because of the lockdown when it was best to stay at home.

What I can tell you about the part ordering online is, that she puts the same love into the packaging as she puts into her shop. Your order will arrive safely and well packed. There are some goodies inside like post cards and stickers. I personally adore the little cards with people on them.

Wisdom of the day: Look out for the small businesses in your area and help them to survive in these hard times.

Love to you all,


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