sign of life

Hello my lovelies 🙂

I hope you are alright, safe and healthy. 😉 COVID is still a serious situation and in Germany we have to face the fact that our infection numbers are still growing once again.

I know I was absent for quite a long time and to be honest it was hard as well as good at the same time. It was difficult for me because I love my habit of writing a little post for and to get some comments from you. So, I would like to say thank you to you all for being so patient with me.

It was good to take a break because I had to take care of my husband. He had a surgery and stayed at the hospital one night . The next day, when I picked him up to bring him home, he couldn’t really move. He was in a lot of pain and due to that I was so worried.

After the surgery, he wasn’t allowed to lift anything up or carry things which are heavy. Because of his pain I decided to sleep with our little pug girl on the couch. Oh gosh, that really made me feel getting old 😀 I tried to sleep there for three nights and couldn’t really get much of it; but it did give me something: a lot of back pain which isn’t normal for me. I swear I felt every vertebra 🙂 But it was ok because my husband needed some rest. I brought him everything he needed and Maya was in one of her little beds next to him and she was watching him too. She was a cute little nursing pug.

After the weekend it didn’t get better so we had to see our doctor and she said that he needed to get back to the hospital. I was shocked. The hardest part was leaving him alone. Due to COVID, the hospital didn’t allow any accompanying person. So I waited at home. Normally I am a really patiently person, I can wait for hours. But this time impatience was my new friend. I can tell you impatience is a really good companion. Luckily I picked him up at the same day and he got new medicine.

After another week we saw a bit of progress. He moved slowly and he came with me and Maya outside for a walk. I was relieved and my husband was so impatient during that time he couldn’t move or take anything. When he got „adventurous“ he tried to make coffee, which he did, but he couldn’t bring it to me. 😀 Really sweet of him.

Now he is doing fine and next week he is back at work with me. 🙂

During this time I was working my normal 40 hours a week. It was quite stressful because I had a lot appointments and deadlines to deal with.

My husband and I had a great deal who does what at housekeeping. He couldn’t do his part, so I did them as well. So my day started 7 am and ended 11 pm. During this time I started packing and sorting things out which we wouldn’t need at the house where we move. My friends and family thought that I was insane because my to do list was huge for every single day. To be honest a five bedroom flat doesn’t pack by itself nor can one pack it within a week.

Well you know I can’t let things down or ignore them, so I put all my energy together and started packing. Since last week my husband has started to pack boxes but he didn’t move them which was quite good. The whole floor had boxes over boxes and between all that we started to take book shelves apart.

We have to take apart four huge IKEA book shelves and our selfmade shelf. Oh my god! I wasn’t really aware of the huge amount of books we have. I remember that we counted 3000 books before our last house moving and I can tell you that we bought more books in the last couple of years. 😀 I love books. We have fiction and non-fiction books from our study days. I discovered a few books which I will read again after moving into the new house.

And last but not least our little pug girl has a serious eye disease and we have to give her three different ointments. She doesn’t like it but it helps. Two weeks ago we had some positive news because the disease formed a little bit back. I am so happy about it and it shows me that we are on the right track.

I think this gives you a little glimpse of my life in the last four weeks. 🙂 I will start posting regularly again now and I will keep you informed about stationery, my life and all the little happy moments.

Wisdom of the day: You can develop lots of energy in the moment when your beloved ones need you the most.

Love to you all and stay safe,


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